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Disadvantaged youth and the Performing Arts

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Welcome to Transcending Elements

We are a nonprofit organization on a mission to transform the lives of at-risk youth, especially those from deeply disadvantaged communities and backgrounds, through the performing arts. Our charity equips these children, aged 7 – 18, with the life skills they need to transform successfully into adulthood and build brighter futures.

Through our performing art classes, workshops and campaigns, we have helped thousands of at-risk youths learn new skills, develop self-confidence, and improve their self-esteem. Additionally, by bringing artists, educators, and at-risk children together, we have successfully helped  youth learn how to develop their critical thinking skills and express themselves creatively.

At Transcending Elements, our passion for improving the lives of disadvantaged under served youth is the driving force for everything that we do. The need for our work is increasing because nearly 40% of American children live in low-income families, and a large percentage of them are vulnerable to poor outcomes as adults. We aim to help these children transition successfully into adulthood so they don’t end up developing problematic behaviors that would endanger their future.

Our Story

Transcending Elements was born in 2014 while our founders worked with youth through the nation
Prison Ministries Angel tree Program. Then, we were helping children whose parents were in
prison to fulfill their Christmas wish list by sending them Christmas gifts. During this program,
we gained deeper insights into the problems at-risk children are going through. So, to help them
and provide a more positive impact, we founded this nonprofit organization. We incorporated
Transcending Elements in 2016, and ever since then, we have been transforming the lives of disadvantaged children and enriching them with transferable life skills.

After School Performing Arts

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Online Store
Fashion Jewelry and Accessories That Give Back

We stock accessories inspired by the stories of the children we serve. Every purchase on our store
makes a brave new life possible for marginalized children that have lost hope for the future. Your
support also ripples into our communities and helps make our world a better place for children to
grow. All profits from our store directly benefit at-risk children from under served backgrounds.
Your support makes it possible to organize musical art workshops, classes, campaigns, and other
educational programs for marginalized children. We hope that together we can help more at-risk
children build a brighter future.

“The quality of life and the quality of the education a child gets go hand-in-hand when we speak of success or failure. A child without these things only leads them to failure and poverty. We advocate for both through the performing arts”.

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