Performing Arts After School Program

After School Performing Arts for the Disadvantaged Youth

 Transcending Elements current project is an after school performing arts program.  The performing arts and learning go hand-in-hand.   Naturally, our goal is to provide a stimulating experience where the kids can explore the arts.   During their time in our program they will be able to take dance, vocal training and audio technology classes.  Although we are not a formal performing arts program we still put forth a curriculum that teaches and allows the kids to learn and explore the arts in a meaningful way.  They get a real hands on experience in our after school performing arts program.

By the same token, it is so important that the youth have a place to go that is safe.  We can all remember having that one place where we could go when we were growing up that was fun and also safe.  Additionally, it is a program that they will enjoy and learn many things that are beneficial to them at the same time.  Besides exploring the arts they will learn things like time management, oral communications and self-expression.  As simple as these things seem they play a big role in school learning and development.  The children who take the arts develop self esteem and participate more in class discussions for example.  They also perform better on tests and improve their school grades. They will also learn about other cultures and about themselves.

In the end, an after school arts program will be a great addition to the community.  The program gives community pride and involves the entire community as well.  This will help the children to channel their energy from negative influences to positive life changes such as wanting to achieve higher learning like attending college studying the performing arts and earning a degree in this field..

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