New Year’s Eve Gala Flyer

End of Year Gift Giving

Usually when you think of New Year’s Eve celebrations you think of laughter, new year resolutions and new beginnings. Counting down and watching the Ball Drop in Times Square and let’s not forget about people shooting off a few fire works, as well end of year giving. Let’s begin by talking about that for a moment.

What happened to the Cheer

Last year, in 2020, things were not so cheery as Covid-19 was racing through the lands filling people with fear to really be together and celebrate. We saw massive jobs loses, families hurting from death and suddenly being thrown into poverty or deeper into poverty. It was so not cheerful.

This year, in 2021, New Year’s Eve celebrations seems like it is going to be more like what we are accustomed to. The pandemic is not gone or over , but things are improving, which is making it possible to celebrate.

With that being said I would like to talk about our upcoming New Year’s Eve Gala end-of-year giving event. After a long covid-19 struggle we are now able to put on this gala to benefit underprivileged under-served At-Risk youth through the performing arts.

So Much Giving

The theme is giving after the storm. So much giving has taken place for the basic needs of the people like food, shelter, clothing to name a few just for survival. I call it FSC. We have now come to a point that people want to turn their attention to other good worthy causes. One being the giving to nonprofits and other organizations that address areas like the one we represented above.

Lastly, this December 31, 2021 the ladies will be dressing up in cocktail attire and the gents will be not wearing jeans! We are hoping to raise awareness as well as funding for our after school performing arts program. If you are in our area come and join us and have a good time all the while helping the kids have a place to dream. If not donate to our cause. Every dollar helps. I wish you a Happy New Year!

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