Meet the Team Members

Meet the Team Members

Transcending Elements has the pleasure of having very talented and dedicated people as members of our team.  Not only do they love music they love the youth even more.  Their talent is a plus for us and the children as it makes us better able to meet their needs.  Meet the team members.


Pamela Ford attended Brooklyn College and Baruch College in NYC and majored in Marketing and Management.  She also attended Hillsborough County Community College in Tampa, FL earning a certificate in Office Management.  She has over 10 years of retail business experience as well.  Children and the youth have always been her passion and joy.  She wants to use her schooling to help kids be the best they can be.



Charles Williams has also been a business owner for over 10 years.  He has been a PAL (Police Athletic League) football coach to peewee players and was very good at it.  He is a mentor to children.



Tiffini Prather serves her community as a certified Special Needs school teacher.  She has lots and lots of patience and loves the children dearly.  She knows what the learning process is for the children.



Farnorris Morgan has about 20 years of banking experience to help guide us with the nonprofit finances. In addition to that, he is a drummer and musician. 


David Ford is the In-house audio technician and youth instructor into the audio field.  He has coached youth basketball as well as mentor youth.


Pamela Ford-Executive Director

Believes in the power of the youth
Teach them well
The youth are the future

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Charles Williams-Board Chair

Discipline the body and heal the mind
Always have time for the kids
Know your worth

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Tiffini Prather-Secretary

Certified Educator
Love is the key ingredient
Kids are special

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Farnorris Morgan-Chief Finance Officer

Have faith in goodness
Education is power
Love conquers all

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David Ford-Board Member

Make good choices
Love yourself
Do not give up

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George Wiseman-Advisor

Work hard
Listening is a skill

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