Promote Advance and Advocate

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The path out of poverty begins when the next generation has equal access to quality of life and a quality education.

Promote Advance and Advocate

We are working to tear down the walls that has limited the access to the performing arts.  Equally important, we want all youth to experience and explore the performing arts no matter where they live or who they are.  Further, the performing arts contributes to the wellness of those who participate in it.  It gives a sense of balance wholeness and peace of mind.

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We know and it has been shown that the performing arts are a core base for learning for all youth.  Furthermore, the arts are just as important as math, reading and science. 

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In fact, participation in the performing arts improves these academic areas no matter the age, race or gender.  We are going to be working endlessly to promote, advance and advocate for the performing arts. 

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