Transcending Elements-A Nonprofit

Transcending Elements-A Nonprofit

Transcending Elements is a nonprofit charity.  We cater to under-served youth ages 7-12th grade through the performing arts.


In 2014 we started working with youth through the national Prison Ministries Angel Tree program. We helped to provide Christmas gifts to the youth whose parents were in prison by fulfilling their Christmas wish list. It was while we were engaged in this program that we began to see deeper problems that the children were going through. We decided we wanted to help them and do more on a lasting level and Transcending Elements-A nonprofit was born. We became an incorporated entity in 2016.


Our goal is to help youth look beyond their present circumstance. To instill self-worth, creativity, and leadership skills.  To create wellness and peace of mind through the performing arts.  The arts help to improve their school grades, communication skills and critical thinking ability and other important skills needed to be successful in life.



Our vision is to create a state-of-the-art performing arts center in our community. We see it as as a place for the kids to go, a place to learn and grow and a place to enjoy. The center would be a place where parents can also participate.  In fact, the entire community can also participate and be a part of this great adventure.